Welcome to WeWalkByFaithNotBySight.com!!

Our sister site FaithStoriesOnline.com, and the stories on it were written for my kids.  At the time they were spread around the world so I thought it best to write a blog they could access from anywhere they happen to be.

These were mostly faith stories, where God had clearly intervened in our lives, mostly stories that had happened to me or my family and after posting 50 plus stories I was shocked to discover that they were being read in 150 countries!

However, over the years, one thing bothered me, I knew friends that had God stories way better than mine, and folks needed to hear their stories too.  A new website was in the works, at least in my head.

With that in mind I went to a domain registrar and started typing in possible domain names.  We Walk by Faith was taken, and a domain-squatter was sitting on it and would be happy to sell it to me for about $10,000 at the time.

After looking at a bunch more domain names and praying, the thought came to me, “type out the rest of the verse.”  I was amazed to discover it was not taken!!!  So many good domain names are taken, and famous quotes like this one.  So instead of $10,000, it was $10–yep, ten bucks! That price worked for me!!  🙂  So I bought it!

it’s been several years since I purchased it, but now the site is coming to life.

For now the stories that will be posted will be stories from my friends that I know and trust so I know the stories are true.  Later, I may open the blog up to the public.

As I begin to badger my friends, their stories will start trickling on to this blog.

Until then . . .

Big Blessings on you!!


–“For We Walk by Faith, not by Sight.”  2 Corinthians 5:7  (KJV)

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